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Madeline G.

My relationship with yoga has been very insecure. I like to watch the videos and practice at home because I don’t like to be in places where people can see my struggle! I have been to yoga classes in the past where I felt like I was way to inflexible, or lacking in balance to be successful. In Melissa’s class I don’t worry about that. With her guidance I am able to shift my focus away from my overactive mind and move it into my body. I can listen to what my body needs and with her gentle guidance I can also make sure that I am not going to hurt myself. Melissa’s yoga class is a place where you can get a good workout and find that highly valuable peace of mind that we are all searching for. Melissa is a highly trained and positive instructor. She is constantly studying and improving her practice. She lives a life that is in alignment with what she teaches to others.

Jennifer K.

Melissa is my business coach. She has helped me gain confidence in myself as an entrepreneur. We have used visualization techniques and talked through my fears and set short and long-term goals. She holds me accountable on a weekly basis. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to grow their own business and/or professional life.

Rebecca G.

I attended prenatal yoga with Melissa my entire third trimester and it was absolutely life changing. Melissa taught me to be able to move my body slowly and intuitively for what my body and baby needed, which ended up helping so tremendously during labor. At the start of each class she would ask what our body was needing, I usually need sciatic pain help, so each class was different. Highly recommend Melissa for all yoga classes but especially her prenatal work!
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